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    Village/District is The Spearhead of Development Success



    INDRAMAYU-As stipulated in Law No. 6 of 2014 on Village Government, that the Central Government, Provincial Government, and the Government of Regency / City supervise the village government.

    One form of implementation of the guidance and supervision are implemented in Village Competition which is regulated in Minister of Home Affairs regulation Number 81 Year 2015 on the Evaluation Development of Villages.

    Vice Governor of West Java, Deddy Mizwar, said that a village is actually the key to success of development. "Success or failure of our development processes is depending on the quality of construction has been completed in the villages," said The Vice Governor in Majasari Village, District Sliyeg, Indramayu regency, on Tuesday (26/07/2016).

    Therefore according to him, in general it can be stated that the success of national development, is an accumulation of the successful development of villages throughout Indonesia.

    In this regard, he welcomes and supports the Majasari to represent West Java in the 'National Level Village Competition 2016.' Based on the letter of the Directorate General of Village Government No. 414.4 / 4667 / BPD dated July 14, 2016, also conducted Clarification Fields Competition Implementation of the Villages.

    The competition can be a tool to measure the achievements of the development of a village and municipality, also determine the effectiveness of governance, development, as well as development and community empowerment.

    "Obviously, I hope that the assessment will motivate people to participate in the development and strengthen as well as developing the village to be more empowered, so that the public welfare is fulfilled," he Said.

    "Hopefully Majasari brings a good impression of West Java on this event. Do not forget, may Allah SWT always gives his blessings," he added.

    Deddy also recorded some achievements of this village and it is quite superior. First he said, the poverty level of Majasari is under Indramayu poverty level. The level of poverty in this village is only 8.24%. While the national poverty rate is above the 10% level, and in Indramayu it is above 12%. "But there is one village far below that. The goal is to reduce poverty, the opportunity to move forward," Reveal Deddy.

    Furthermore Deddy said that there are hundreds of hectares of rice fields in the village. That is Majasari also has a cluster productive economy based on agriculture. Moreover Majasari village always follow the instructions of the President. Such as selling beef at 80 thousand rupiah.

    "The price of meat is affordable, appropriate instructions central government, protein requirements are met, certainly cerdas- intelligent all. I hope none Majasari children are not in school, because we are not capable, no facilities," he hoped.

    Meanwhile, Indramayu Regent Anna Sophana said the accomplishments of the Village Majasari not be taken for granted. But on the efforts, cooperation and hard work of the entire community, together with village officials Majasari. "And then hopefully be the best villages the national level," says Anna.

    "Achievement, or achievements directed by Village Majasari this should be an inspiration for other villages to continue to excel and explore the potential of their villages," he said.

    As for the advantages of village Majasari according to him, among others; The village has a home education Majasari workers to build Full migrant workers to be more empowered, independent and purposeful running their lives. In support of community development, Village Majasari also manages BUMDes by cooperating with banks and conduct fattening cattle for families migrant workers (who left to wander). Originally from about 32 head of cattle, has now grown to 200 -an cows.

    Present at the event, Chairman of the Assessment Team Valentino Sudaryanto, Head of West Java Province BPMPD Kusmayadi, Head of the Human Resources Agency Region III Enjang Navandy, local council and OPD Indramayu district, sub-district Sliyeg Dulyono, Kuwu Majasari Wartono.

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