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    Singapore is in West Java Farming Industry



    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) received the working visit of Senior Minister of State for Foreign Affairs of Singapore Mohd. Maliki bin Osman at Gedung Sate, Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung on Tuesday (26/7). Singapore is very interested in the potential that exists in West Java, especially in agriculture.

    After the meeting with the Governor, Minister Maliki said that there is so much potential in West Java which can be cooperated with Singapore. One of them is in agriculture field. West Java produced so many agricultural products that make Singapore keen to invest in the field of food processing industry.

    "We Discuss about the potential cooperation. Agriculture for example. How the agricultural industry in West Java could be improved. Singapore can see how we can cooperate in the agricultural industry, for example on food processing (food processing)," said the Minister.

    "We saw the food processing industry here can be produced using indigenous materials," he added.

    According to Maliki, West Java has many high potential in various fields. Singapore sees this as a great opportunity to invest. Maliki also will invite investors or entrepreneurs in Singapore to invest in West Java, and he also invites investors in West Java to see investment opportunities in his country.

    With great potential for agriculture, food processing industry is indeed able to be developed in West Java. It also fits with the mission of West Java, which is trying to develop upstream and downstream industries. According to the Governor Ahmad Heryawan, upstream-downstream industries that have great opportunities to develop one of which is agriculture.

    "I told you (to Minister Maliki) West Java in terms of the amount of land a little small right, the overlay is not an area in Sumatra, Kalimantan, and other areas. But the proliferation of the tablets, still wrote rice producing the island of Java, even though the land in place another more extensive, it still featured the farm on the island of Java, "said Aher.

    Besides agriculture, the governor also said Singapore and West Java could explore cooperation in other fields. In a meeting with Minister Maliki, Aher said many other fields that can be cooperated between West Java and Singapore, one of which is education.

    "Earlier also I offerif Singapore education is cooperated with West Java," he concluded.

    West Java and Singapore have a history of promising cooperation. Head of West Java BPMPT Dadang Ma'soem reveal the value of Singapore's investment in West Java is still high. According to data BPMPT period from January to September 2015, Singapore ranks third after Japan and Malaysia as the country with the largest grower investment in West Java with an investment of Rp 4.7 trillion, more or realized in the amount of 278 investment projects.

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