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    Porwanas XII / 2016 Could Be a Trial Event for PON Jabar



    BANDUNG-Indonesian Journalists Association (PWI) will hold a celebration of Journalists National Sports Week (Porwanas) XII / 2016. As the host, West Java is already stated its readiness as an organizer of this sports event.
    "We (West Java) are ready, Insya Allah, Porwanas that will be executed tommorow (26/7) can run smoothly," said West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) after a welcoming dinner of Porwanas contingent from all across the province held in the West Hall of Gedung Sate , Jl. Diponegoro No. 22, Bandung, on Monday night (25/7).
    Aher also revealed that this sporting event could test the readiness of West Java as the host of PON XIX / 2016. This is because almost all of the sports venues used in Porwanas is the venue for PON XIX / 2016 West Java in September.
    "I think it can be regarded as a trial or pre-PON, for all the venues used by Porwanas is the venue that are also used for PON. The swimming pool venue, volley courts, basketball venue and any other venues," said Aher.
    Furthermore Aher Porwanas regarded this as a means of gathering and communication throughout journalists in Indonesia. Thus, this event will generate sense of joy and could tighten the brotherhood among journalists.
    "But I am more happy if tomorrow the participant compete for the fun, compared to the tensions looking for achievements. We proved with sports fun are more prominent, friendship is more prominent, I think the burden would be lost - not tense. Perhaps with such a situation even will be much more accomplished, "said Aher.
    Aher also hope that this event can improve the professionalism of journalists in Indonesia. "Journalists can become more professional and able to build the paradigm of good news, so the good news is good news, bad news is bad news," please Aher.
    It also expressed by Chairman of PWI Mirza Zulhadi. He said that through this event it is expected to emerge interaction or communication about various things, both on professional media information and other matters.
    "The ultimate goal anyway is relationship, meaning that inter-fellow of the profession but the disparate tribes can meet each other in a three-yearly event," said Mirza.
    "We can ask each other, talk to each other. Yes communication. The main goal still was," added Mirza.
    Porwanas will be held from 26 to 29 July 2016 and will be centered in Bandung UPI campus sports facilities. There will be 1,870 athletes who will compete journalists and nearly 3,000-person observer or journalist who will be involved in this year Porwanas.
    In this event, a contingent of West Java is reinforced by the 72 contingent, consisting of 56 male athletes, female athletes 3, as well as the official 13 people. They will compete with 33 contingents from 33 other provinces to compete for 33 gold medals.
    59 people from West Java athletes will compete in nine sports (sports) of the 10 sports contested and journalistic competition, so Jabar will not follow one sports namely football. "Because we currently have difficulty finding players who meet the requirements in accordance with the Competency Test journalist," said Irfan Suryadireja, Chairman of the Section of Journalists Sports (Siwo) PWI Jabar who is also Chairman of the contingent Athletes of West Java release event contingent Porwanas West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan, on Saturday (06.18.16) at Pakuan, Bandung.
     All 10 sports that will be followed by West Java, namely: athletics, billiards, bridge, bowling, badminton, chess, futsal, table tennis, tennis courts, and the competence of journalistic work (photography, coverage, and radio reportage).
    In this event, West Java is targeting to achieve overall winner, so they can defend the title achieved by general Porwanas West Java on Porwanas XI / 2013 in Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan.
    "Yes target is having fun, if one cannot be a champion, it is not important the point is having a good relationship between jouralists," he concluded.
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