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    Data Journalism, New Genre in World News



    BANDUNG-A Trainer from the Alliance of Independent Journalists (AJI), Hasudungan Sirait explained that the new genre known as Data Journalism is the trend among the mass media, especially in foreign countries like Europe and America. According to Hasudungan, journalism is a collection of data and from the data there could be any comprehensive news generated. As he stated during a media workshop in Bandung, West Java, on Monday (25/7).

    "The meaning of the data journalism is not news that is full of data, but a rolling news based on the findings of the initial data. One of the data journalism is the case of Panama Papers, "explained Hasudungan.

    Hasudungan admitted that this journalism data is not too new. Reporter or journalist using preliminary data as an ingredient of a story, have been done long ago, but the new data journalism term trend at the moment.

    "Not a very new stuff indeed, but with the term or the designation of data journalism recently made," he said.

    Hasudungan Sirait in a statement expecting the journalists were able to use the data as fact beginning to make the news, not just news where data are available. (PUN)

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