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    Rice Seeds Stock is Still Enough



    BANDUNG-The Member of The Fourth Commission of The House of Representative, Oo Sutisna, said that the stock of rice seeds is still enough. One of the supply is from the Government.

    Rice seed is a primary needs in order to fulfill the food needs. Thus, the remote area needs to increase their stock. The remote areas rarely demanded a re-stock.

    With this condition, the ministry is demanded to immediately held an agricultural national coordination meeting which involves the Department of Agriculture of West Java along with their offices in the city level and district. Through the coordination, there should be no obstacle for the people when they demanded a re-stock no matter what it is including regulation.

    The direct seeds aid from the Government is now reaching 4000 tons and it is more than enough. If the people need aid, the Government should ease the process. (NR)

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