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    High Demand of Beef and Lamb Meat Need to be Anticipated



    BANDUNG-The Member of The Fourth Commission of The House of Representative, Akmal Pasludin, demanded the Government to immediately anticipate the high demand of beef and lamb meat in approaching the Eid Al-Adha, because it will be the right moment for the Government to prove to the public that they can provide an affordable meat.

    The easiness fo the people to get meat in the market, hopefully, could leads to the public's satisfaction towards the Government's performance as said by Akmal earlier this week.

    According to Akmal, the uneven distribution of meat is what triggered its price to soar especially in Jabodetabek regions. This situation has been used by the foreign importer to claim that the national meet supply is not enough to accomodate the demand.

    As for the lamb meat, because there are three region that is supplying lamb meat, which are West Java, Banten, and Jakarta,with 10,6 million lamb population, the supply is still big. It only took 600 - 1 Million lambs each year to fulfill the demand. As for living cow, it is epected that the demand will reach 200 thousand cows for Jabodetabek alone during the Eid Al-Adha.

    Furthermore,  Akmal said that The Government is expected to fulfill the demand of living stock for Qurban that is the live stock of our local farmer. The Government now should fix the stock management.

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