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    Volume Budgets of West Java Province in 2016, Reach Rp 26 Trillion


    BANDUNG-KUA and PPAS West Java Province in 2016 has been signed by the provincial government and Regional House of Representatives (DPRD). Related to this, for the volume of local budgets (APBD) is in the range of Rp 26 trillion.

    It disclosed the Governor of West Java, H. Ahmad Heryawan in a statement to reporters, on Friday (6/11).

    According to him, along with the draft local budget of KUA and PPAS West Java province in 2016 including the massive volume budget. It’s expected to achieve revenue target of 100 percent. To boost the revenue target, the tax target can be maximum. Therefore, the taxpayer can realize their obligation to pay taxes.

    To maximize tax collection, he hopes the SAMSAT Gendong system can be pursued optimally.

    The governor said that the program prepared are the construction of roads and financing PON Rp 3 trillion. PON funds including for completion of infrastructure and venues in 15 cities/districts.

    Meanwhile, head of the West Java Parliament, Ine Purwadewi Sundari in a statement to reporters saying that funding needs for PON is aimed to support the implementation of PON and it needed a big funds. She evaluates that it’s quite realistic.

    In the next coming year, also prepared the budget to diversion management of SMA/SMK.

    With these funds, Ine expects of settlement process soon, because of the diversion management of SMA/SMK came into effective in 2017.


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