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    AMS is Requested to be Present Throughout the Archipelago



    DENPASAR-As one of the youth organization of Pasundan, AMS Siliwangi Youth Force was asked to be united and to unite young people from all over Indonesia. To that end, during a visit to the AMS Secretariat in Bali at Jl Captain Cok Agung Tresna No. 49, Renon, Denpasar, Bali province on Sunday (24.07.16), The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan advised that youth organizations can be present in all regions of Indonesia to accommodate the existing Sunda citizens.

    "With the presence of the organization it will further strengthen the Sundanese people, especially in the province of Bali," said Aher in front of tens of Bali AMS members are present.

    "Therefore my message to young people, to AMS. The first, to be united, and unites, so that potential everywhere can be put together," said Aher.

    AMS Bali Province was established May 20, 2015 last. Currently, AMS Bali already has a membership of about 800 people, spread across four districts or districts / municipalities in Bali. They are active in various social activities, particularly the Sundanese people in Bali or Balinese Sundanese.

    AMS Chairman H. Aap Bali province, said Bali AMS is active in social activities and art and culture and has had its own Ambulance result of members' contributions that can be used to help residents or citizens Sunda Bali in Bali.

    "We have also made a product gamelan itself, sir. We're made from scrap metal. Then, we also have set up Mushola hometown Bandung three floors. And for the operational activities of the secretariat we also have my own business, sir. So every night we selling Surabi Bandung front (the secretariat office), "said the Governor Aap Aher.

    With a variety of activities and the positive contribution like this, AMS also expected to be a precursor to unite the Sundanese people in the entire archipelago.

    "I urge that everywhere there AMS, with the youth expected to be a unifying us. So, I support that the AMS is in various places," said Aher.

    On this occasion, Aher also provide operational assistance to the Secretariat AMS Bali Rp 10 million.

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