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    Aher Invites Bali Travelers to Travel to West Java



    BALI-West Java Province through the National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) West Java held an exhibition of handicraft products of handicrafts as well as the promotion of tourism potential of West Java. Through this activity is expected tourism potential in West Java could be widely known to foreign countries.

    In the event titled "West Java Night", which is a series of exhibition "The Enchanting Handicraft of West Java" or handicraft exhibitions in Building Indonesia West Java Tourism Information Center (ITIC), Jl. Raya Kuta No. 2, Badung, Bali Province, on Saturday night (23.07.16), West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) said that West Java has a variety of interesting tourism potential and not less than Bali. For that, he hopes the tourists both from foreign and domestic be visiting West Java after visiting Bali.

    "Here, in order to invite those who did not stop to Bali in Bali. Drop into a tourist paradise, namely West Java," urged Aher in this event.

    Various means of support, such as transport from Bali to West Java is currently sufficient support. As the number of flights from Bali to West Java, or vice versa are now five times a day. Especially today, Jabar was building Kertajati International Airport in Majalengka, West Java to support tourism Jabar to be more advanced and developed.

    Nationally, the number of foreign tourists visiting Indonesia reached 8 million people per year. Of these, 3 million people including foreign tourists visiting Bali.

    "So we want the West Java and Bali is known as an area for tourist destinations. We want not stop tourist destinations in Bali. The international community simply to West Java is also no less beautiful than Bali," said Aher.

    Aher also revealed that choosing Bali as a tourism promotion area Jabar - because besides Bali is still a prime tourist spot in Indonesia, but also because of Bali and West Java had ties of friendship for a long time. Diversity is also another reason, Jawa Barat chose Bali as its partner in the development of the tourism industry.

    "We loved Diversity, West Java and Bali part of Diversity we love and with the Diversity, God willing, we will live in harmony, be good to bring a great civilization and advanced - Indonesian nation that we love," said Aher.

    Handicraft exhibitions in the mat The Enchanting Handicraft of West Java, which was held this Dekranasda Jabar part of an effort to deliver a unique and distinct owned by the province this year at the age to 71 years. Many handicraft products from West Java were already known by foreign tourists visiting Bali, such as the typical woven Majalaya called Padaringan known brand "Women Bali", as well as various other handicraft from West Java that has been marketed in Bali.

    In addition, the exhibition that was held from 22 to 24 July 2016 for this ITIC, as well as a form of economic development cooperation 10 Member Provincial Mitra Praja Utama (MPU). To that end, in addition to the exhibition of products handicrafts from 15 districts / cities in West Java, the exhibit also held various booths of craft products typical of the ten provincial member of the MPU, namely West Java, Bali, Banten, Jakarta, Central Java, East Java, Yogyakarta , West Nusa Tenggara, East Nusa Tenggara and Lampung.

    Chairman Dekranasda Prasetiyani West Java Netty Heryawan said that the creative industries, such as handicrafts need to be developed continuously. According to Netty, the industry has been able to contribute up to 7.1% of national GDP and involves a workforce of up to 12 million people. No wonder, if the industry is able to contribute up to 5.8% of national income.

    "Hopefully with this exhibition could increase the number of tourists to West Java," please Netty.

    "We make Indonesia as a big house. If it's possible that made big courtyard and living room main big house Indonesia is Bali, so it is not possible in the future also there are so many other pages which can be visited in addition to Bali, one of which is West Java Province, "added Netty.

    The creative industries are industries that utilize and rely on the creativity of its human resources. Necessary efforts and step strategies to improve the quality and quantity of human resources of this creative, such as the need for a very strong synergy between the business and creative actors, as well as ease in the capital.

    "Hopefully I hope this simple step will be something great and extraordinary impact in our efforts to improve the welfare of Indonesia and specifically for the people of West Java," said Netty.

    Bali Tourism Supports West Java Industry

    The Enchanting Handicraft of West Java" was also attended by Deputy Governor of Bali I Ketut Sudikerta. In his speech at this event, I Ketut welcomed Dekranasda craft products exhibition and tourism promotion measures undertaken in the area of ??West Java.

    Bali will strongly support the tourism industry in West Java. I Ketut said, through a variety of existing cooperation it would invite tourists - both domestic and foreign - in order to pay a visit to West Java.

    "We will try to provide support to tourists who come here (Bali) that can also be a visit to the area Mr (Governor of West Java), because I knew exactly the area. The nature is very beautiful, very charming," said I Ketut.

    I Ketut admitted his side will continue to encourage such efforts. However, he added that it should also involve the West Java Provincial Government and various components of tourism in West Java and Bali.

    "Will we continue to push and of course there should be the role of the governor and is also a component of tourism that exist there (West Java) and Bali," he concluded.

    On this occasion, to host the XIX PON 2016, Chairman of PB PON XIX 2016 West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan also the launching of the song PON XIX Jabar and booking tickets PON XIX 2016 matches online.

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