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    Aher decides to Awakened Zakat in West Java by Cooperating With Baznas



    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) together with Badan Amil Zakat Nasional (Baznas) of West Java Province has launched a 'Kebangkitan Zakat' programme in West Java in the West Hall of Gedung Sate Bandung, Friday (07.22.16).

    Aher said that zakat is an instrument of social welfare. Zakat is present as a solution to poverty.

    "Insya Allah, West Java Province is ready to build charity," he said.

    In West Java, said Aher, zakat has begun to encroach upon the productive sectors. Scholarships such as procurement, construction of rural areas lagging behind, venture capital assistance, and so forth.

    "Alhamdulillah Baznas in West Java also been able to cut the salaries of civil servants directly West Java Province for zakat. With all due respect we ask the civil servants in the province of West Java to deduct their salary received," said Aher.

    With such a mechanism, he claimed to be grateful zakat collection in West Java increased. Now the number is around Rp. 1.2 billion per month, can be assembled Baznas thanks to the support of the Government of West Java Province, through the policy.

    "Zakat is constantly growing, which is why we surge on the spirit of collecting alms for the poor people," she said.

    Similar Aher, Head of West Java Province Arif Baznas Ramdani said that zakat is an important instrument to diminish the social inequality.

    From the data he cites, gini ratio which indicates the level of inequality, nationally currently reaches 0.40 since 2010. It is estimated since 2010. Similarly, 1% Indonesian citizen (citizen) of the richest in Indonesia accounts for 40% of national assets.

    "The gap is 'sunatullah', without gaps economic and social processes will be difficult. But the level of the gap should be controlled so as not too extreme and cause social excesses," he said.

    Furthermore, according to him, in terms of zakat collection, is still very far from the target. Potential national charity in 2015, estimated at Rp. 286 trillion. However, a new realization reached Rp. 3.7 trillion.

    While in West Java, the zakat potential in 2015 is estimated at Rp. 17 trillion, but a new realization reached Rp. 168 billion.

    "Alhamdulillah Ramadan yesterday, zakat collection rose by 22%, which is approximately Baznas a West Java may collect around Rp. 282 billion," said Arif.

    Then through the launching of zakat in West Java, is expected to become spirit and passion in optimizing zakat ranging from collection, to its management.

    "We want Baznas build trust in the community. Therefore, hopefully Baznas take part in tackling poverty," he hoped.

    Also present Vice Chairman Baznas (center), Zainul Bahar Nur, Vice-Chairman of the Parliament of West Java Province Haris Yuliana, Regional Assistant of Public Welfare Ahmad Hadadi, the leaders of MUI, boarding school, and community organizations as West Java.

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