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    Netty Opened "The Enchanting Handicraft of West Java" Event



    BALI-National Crafts Council (Dekranasda) of West Java Province held an exhibition entitled "The Enchanting Handicraft of West Java" in Indonesia Tourism Information Center (ITIC), Kuta, Bali (22.07.16). The exhibition was followed by 10 Province who joined the forum Mitra Praja Utama (MPU) from July 22 to 24 July, 2016.

    This event was opened by Netty Heryawan as Chairman of Dekranasda of West Java Province. Also present as Chairman of Dekranasda Bali Prastika Ayu  and Vice Chairman of the West Java Province Dekranasda Giselawati Mizwar.

    "This exhibition is expected to be a means other than the introduction of local products featured West Java, also can grow the interest of tourists visit both foreign and domestic to visit West Java, which has great potential in the craft and the creative economy," he said.

    Opening procession to be special, especially when presented dish of art angklung played by some board Dekranasda, also dance performances peacock that became iconic views of West Java.

    "The purpose of this activity is to solve social problems and create leverage public welfare through the empowerment of the creative industries. With the togetherness between Dekranasda Jabar in Bali then this reflects the diversity that must continue to be nurtured," explained Netty.

    The title of excellent products on display are a variety of unique handicrafts and famous of the 15 districts / cities in West Java such as leather, weaving, batik, shells, embroidery, and wood. There was also a craftsman independently of the Foundation Embroidery, Titaz Handycraft, Batik Hasan, Garut Leather Karisma Aris, and Padaringan.

    Expected Dekranasda joint collaboration MPU can increase inter-regional development cooperation in various strategic areas, especially crafts and creative economy. MPU member of the 10 provinces, namely West Java, Jakarta, Central Java, Yogyakarta, East Java, Bali, Nusa Tenggara Timur, Nusa Tenggara Barat, Banten and Lampung.

    The title of the exhibition "The Enchanting Handicrafts of West Java" is expected to further strengthen the cooperation between Dekranasda West Java province and Bali, given in Bali almost all the products of the creative economy into a public economic leverage reliable.

    On this auspicious occasion, Dekranasda West Java is also collaborating with the PB PON in socializing the four annual grand sports event to be held in West Java in September to come. PB PON issuing tickets to the sport on July 23, 2016 is still in the exhibition circuit. Promotional activities is clearly an important part of the effort successful chess PON XIX particularly successful social economy.

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