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    Aher Appoints Iwa as the Chairman of Praja Consumer Welfare Cooperative


    BANDUNG-West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) delegate positions as Chairman of Praja Consumer Welfare Cooperative in West Java to Provincial Secretary Iwa Karniwa. It stated after attending the Meeting of the Board and committee of Praja Consumer Welfare Cooperative West Java, in Manglayang Room, Gedung Sate, on Friday (6/11).

    This relates to the operational management of the cooperative in the future, so that supervision of technical activities of the cooperative can walk up. Because he feels, his duties as Governor of West Java is quite complex. Under these conditions he will not be fully focused for running the cooperative. Aher then appoints Iwa as the Chairman of the Cooperative as a mandate in conducting the management.

    Aher said, "I led the first meeting, and then there is a change. The chairman of cooperative who originally was Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan, and now became Secretary of West Java Mr. Iwa.“

    Aher also want the civil servants cooperative, fully managed by civil servants , and the benefits are also felt by all civil servants in West Java Provincial Government.

    "It's aimed to maintain the cooperative was manage by committee are civil servant, and as governor is not the civil service," said Aher.

    “The consideration is that the management of cooperative at this time is me as a governor. It feels quite confusing if I should manage the cooperative at once. Because Governor is not managing the technical, and it’s different with the cooperative, such on disbursement of money, financial control. While the tasks of Governors also very vast. Therefore, the chairman of the cooperative technically will handle financial, membership and others. So we appoint to Mr. Secretary,” said Aher.

    Aher was hoping this cooperative could be one of the drivers of an advanced economy. He wanted this cooperative able to grow and spreading its wings in cooperation with other business sectors.

    "Cooperative is not a company, but cooperative could join with other parties to make a company. They can participate on stock in the business world and also can invest in a project,” he concluded.

    Iwa Karniwa, Head of the Department of Cooperatives and UMKM West Java Province Anton Gustoni, and the managers of cooperatives attended this activity.


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