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    The House of Representative Hopes That The New Elected KPI Commissioner Could Improve The Quality of Indonesia Broadcasting



    BANDUNG-The Chairman of The First Commission of The House of Representative, Abdul Haris Almasyhari hopes that the Commissioner of The Indonesia Broadcasting Commission (KPI) could contribute to the improvement of Indonesia Broadcasting quality. "Congratulation to the new member of KPI, I hope that you could contribute to the improvement of Indonesia broadcasting industry," he said.

    Furthermore, Abdul explained that he hopes that the election that has been conducted two days prior resulted in a qualified commissioners. "I hope that the election generates a qualified individual," he said.

    There are at least three criterias for a commissioner namely integrity, knowledge, and skills.

    The first commission hopes that the election of new members of KPI is able to make the world a more optimal broadcasting guarded, so that the resulting quality broadcasting content.

    "Therefore, the challenges faced by members of KPI is quite large, with acceleration in the broadcasting industry, they are expected to become a fortress broadcasting monitor and to stem broadcasting content that does not educate especially if misleading the public as well as the courage to take a firm stand if broadcasters naughty, "please Abdul.

    As known, said Abdul Commission I have the selection of KPI members so elected nine people to become commissioner of the agency. Of the nine names selected, among others, is Nuning Rodiyah, Sudjarwanto Rahmat, Yuliandre Dervish, Ubaidullah, Dewi Setyarini, Obsatar H. Sinaga, Mayong Suryolaksono, Hardly Stefano, and the Supreme Suprio.

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