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    The Chairman of West Java Highcourt Exposed their Performance and Achievement.



    BANDUNG-The period of the second half of 2016, the West Java High Court, explained the gains of the West Java High Court and the District Court in West Java province. Exposure to the performance achievements expressed Kajati Jabar, Setia Untung Ari Muladi, in a release received jabarprov.go.id, from the Head of Information Kejati Jabar, Wednesday afternoon (20/7).

    According to Untung, the gains that were achieved by the West Java High Court ranks in various fields in the period January to June 2016.

    The achievement of such performance, a concrete manifestation main tasks and functions of the Prosecutor and of course the result of the hard work of the whole range of the West Java High Court and support from stakeholders and civil society.

    "Be aware that there are still shortcomings and some things we need to fix related to the duties and the authority. Constructive criticism of various parties, we will make as a reference and the energy to constantly strive to provide the best for the community.", He said.

    AGO wants to assert full commitment to always be present in the community in law enforcement efforts, creating the security and order which will ultimately lead to justice and public welfare.

    "the ranks of the West Java High Court wanted to show law enforcement more humane but firm, objective, professional and proportional solely intended to benefit the wider community."

    Fortunately, further explained, one's commitment to support the current development is to optimize the function of prevention and education for policy makers related to the development. With an approach that emphasizes prevention and education policy makers expected more understanding and aware of the legislation related to the following legal consequences and responsibility will be accepted if ignore or even violate these rules.

    The move as a response to the briefing given by the President on 19 July 2016 at the State Palace. Kajati stressed that the approach that emphasizes prevention and education does not mean the West Java High Court will compromise and weak in handling corruption cases.

    "We make sure that the whole range of West Java High Court will remain firm and" fierce "for any corruptive behaviors, we hope that early detection will give impact to the decrease in the number of corruption in West Java.

    As for the things that the results of the gains of the West Java High Court and the ranks of the State Attorney, during the period January to June 2016, construction area have been successful in non-tax receipts in the amount of Rp. 37.5 billion.

    For Field Intelligence, the gains that have been made include light activity and legal counseling as many as 104 events and 64 events Attorney for School, and has been doing prevention and deterrence (block) against the alleged corruption prevention as much as 11 abroad.

    The achievement of satisfactory performance was also shown by Pidum Field. From January to June Field SPDP Pidum have received as many as 7,321 and as many as 5815 have been completed which has become the file of phase I. In phase I file reception, Pidum has completed 6,078 case files and that have been transferred to the court as much as 5575 files. Most cases are handled is the crime of drug abuse with 1,357 cases followed by the crime of child 350 gambling cases and a total of 147 cases were spread throughout the area of ??West Java.

    Shifted to the field Pidsus, in the same period ie January to June 2016, Pidsus has investigated a total of 39 cases, investigation of 32 cases, prosecutions were 58 cases in which 18 cases is the result of investigations conducted by the police and 40 cases is the investigation of the Prosecutor, then cases which have been carried out executions are as many as 54 cases. From the results of the investigation up to the execution, the country's financial rescue rescued namely Rp. 43.7 billion. The highest number of rescue came from Bogor, the State Attorney with the country's financial rescue Rp. 26.9 billion, followed by the State Attorney Bandung Rp. 10.4 billion.

    For Field Datun, besides has managed to do asset recovery or salvage assets, Datun Affairs has been implementing cooperation agreements were 124 MoU. As related to salvage assets of Rp. 8.42 billion, amounting to Rp. 6.15 billion came from money substitutes successfully billed and Rp. 2.27 billion coming from the recovery of financial wealth of the country that successfully charged.

    Last of Supervision, related to disciplinary action against the employees of the High Court of West Java during the period January to June 2016, there are four prosecutors are being disciplined mild, then two prosecutors and two people staff the Administration subject to penal sanctions being, and for severe punishment has been handed down to one person and one person staff Attorney of Administration.

    That amount, said Lucky when compared with previous years seen a decrease in the numbers that show the more effective oversight function preventively in order to prevent an employee for misconduct. Associated with reports of complaints (lapdu) who entered during the period January to June 2016, the number of incoming lapdu as many as 26 reports, and has done as much clarification as well as 22 reports 4 reports have been carried out inspection cases. (NR)

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