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    BKSAP Parliament: Foreign Workers Should be recorded and Licensed



    BANDUNG-The incoming illegal foreign workers to Indonesia can be prevented by strengthening the system and law enforcement. Therefore, foreign workers who are in Indonesia should be recorded and licensed. It is revealed by The Vice Chairman of BKSAP of the House of Representatives Rofi Munawar in a release received by jabarprov.go.id, Thursday (21/7).

    According to Rofi, with Indonesia's vast territory and the opening of foreign investment in various fields, the government should pay attention to illegal foreign workers seriously.

    "The presence of foreign workers can not be avoided due to the influx of foreign investment in Indonesia, but their existence must necessarily be recorded, according to the needs and agreement. If only manual workers (unskilled workers) and untutored, in the end it would have caused social and economic problems, "he said.

    The government should pay more attention to domestic workers in accepting all kinds of Foreign Direct Investment (foreign direct investment). Do not just think about the investment and withdraw funds, but denying human resources in the country. Sadly, various government policies are permissive toward foreign workers. For example, the rules do not have to master Indonesian, visa exemptions to countries that are not potential and does not adhere to the principle of reciprocity.

    "It is understandable unease to the presence of foreign workers, given at the same time the unemployment rate tends to increase and the economy slowed,".

    The presence of foreign workers arise as a result of a business model that is binding, with material and requires all the project workers from their countries. However, often, in its development, open the possibility of the use of illegal foreign workers to reduce operating costs. Ironically, in fact during the movement of foreign workers are not able to be monitored properly by the government due to the weakness of the system and lack of traction on the rule of law (law enforcement). "Companies that hire illegal foreign workers may be subject to affirmative action for breach of contract because it violated the rules and regulations. The government must act decisively and immediately improve related systems, "

    Ministries and agencies, said Rofi must be integrated with each other related to the monitoring system against foreign workers, both in licensing and existence.

    "If it does not immediately do the monitoring of these foreign workers, will cause endless problems and protracted," concludes Rofi.

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