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    Tax Amnesty Need The Government's Certainty



    BANDUNG-From Monday (18/07) yesterday, the Indonesian Government implemented a Tax Amnesty or remission of taxes for taxpayers who save their money abroad, to be brought into the country.
    The Chairman of Indonesian Economists Association (ESSAY) of West Java, Aldrin Herwani, said that tax amnesty is running well, the government should give legal certainty to entrepreneur.
    "Tax Amnesty will be more successful if the Government provide certainty, what I mean by certainty is that is whether the funds that is brought back to Indonesia is not disturbed from he country of their origin," he said.
    Because according to Aldrin, the issue, which remains a concern of the entrepreneur is that the funds that they brought back to Indonesia will cause them a problem in the future.
    "Until now, they are worried about the problem, they need the Government's word that it will not cause them any problem in the future, so that entrepreneurs feel safe and comfortable," said Aldrin, in a discussion on Tuesday (19/07). (Parno)
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