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    The Minister of Agriculture Gives Farmer Tractor as an Assistance



    Bandung Regency-Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman handed over tractors and other agricultural equipment to farmer groups in the District Kutawaringin Jatisari Bandung regency, on Wednesday (20/7).
    The handover was conducted in the declaration Add Planted area in West Java, which symbolically performed in Jatisari Kutawaringin Bandung regency.
    "We are trying to continue to meet the basic needs of farmers. Land we add, our fertilizer subsidy, seeds we love, and agricultural equipment such as tractors and others also we provide. So no more excuses unproductive farmers now "he said in the presence of farmers in Bandung Regency.
    According to the program Amran Add Planted area or expansion of rice cultivation in Indonesia is done to increase food productivity that needs continue to increase.
    "Total for Jabar own area of ??2 million hectares this year, but of course done in stages within the budget provided" he said.
    Help tractors to farmers to support agricultural productivity, especially fields. Several other tools which are delivered are rice planting machine and paddy harvesting machines. (PUN)
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