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    Aher: Prevent Land Transfer Function With RDTR



    BANDUNG REGENCY- The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan guarantees that there will be no agriculture land conversion on a large scale.

    According to Aher, land conversion is preventable. It was revealed at the launching ceremony of Planted Land expansion in Soreang Bandung regency, on Wednesday (20/7) together with Agriculture Minister Andi Amran Sulaiman.

    "It can be prevented by RDTR. So there will be no more fields converted into residential area or factory" he explained.

    If the RDTR is already established but there is still no land use, then according to the governor, who must be held accountability only two parties.

    "If it still happens when RDTRnya already set, then there are only two parties must be held accountable, namely the head of the region and businessmen. That's it! "He said.

    Aher mention all the District Municipality has completed the manufacture RDTRnya, stay closely monitored together. (Even)

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