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    Governor strengthen our Hajj Embarkation Committee in Bekasi and Jakarta



    BEKASI - The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) confirmed the Hajj Committee (PPIH) Embarkation / Debarkation Jakarta, Bekasi, and Brotherhood Association of Indonesian Hajj (IPHI) of 2016 to 2021, the organizing of Haj 1437H / 2016, on Jl. Prosperity 72, Marga Jaya, Bekasi Selatan, Bekasi, on Tuesday (19.07.16).

    Aksan Holil elected as The Chairman of PW IPHI Umarzen Jabar. The chairman PPIH is Aa Buchori.

    Still on the same occasion, the Governor also did Meal Test, or facilitation test given to the pilgrims. "If the food is good, but I recommend less spicy, and coconut-milk," he said.

    Meanwhile, Minister of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia Lukman Hakim Saifuddin To the officer in charge of the pilgrimage that will emphasize three things, including hajj officers need to be acted upon guidance functions, services and protection to all the pilgrims Indonesia.

    "Providence of God we have the honor, perhaps even this year we are destined glory as an officer of the Hajj. Not many people get the chance like that. We get a chance opportunity to serve guests of God. No ordinary person. It's something special," he said.

    In addition, Menag also hope that in addition to providing the best, regarding the Hajj ministry. He stated that officers will join the haj pilgrims of the world, meaning that on that occasion did the hajj officers also serve as ambassadors of the nation.

    "We will be given attributes, vest or jacket, we bring a good name, the name of Indonesia. I hope be a good ambassador for the nation, take care of yourself, take care to behave, speak the word," urge Menag Lukman.

    Based on the Decree of the Minister of Religion No. 210 Year 2016 concerning the Stipulation of Hajj Quota Year 1437 H / 2016 AD stipulates that the national Haj quota amounted to 168 800 consisting of as many as 155 200 regular Hajj quota and special Haj quota of 13,600. Regular Hajj quota is divided into two, namely: 154 049 pilgrims for hajj officers and 1,151 for the area.

    Related facilitation eat pilgrims during the waiting time in Mecca and Medina, both before and after today Armina. Foreign Service Director of Religious Affairs Haji Sri Ilham Lubis said, the pilgrims will get a special meal with catering facilities. The food is prepared by a caterer Saudi Arabia but has a taste of Indonesia.

    "The pilgrims will receive rations on one meal upon arrival in Jeddah, then 18 times while at the Medina and 24 times while in Makkah for 12 days. For the moment Armina, pilgrims will receive three meals and drinking water. In addition, the congregation also will get a snack wrapped in plastic packaging, "he said.

    "When Armina we will give three bottles of mineral water for very hot weather is unpredictable," he added.

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