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    West Java’s 4 Years Commitment Fixing Citarum River


    Bandung Regency-At the date of June 22, 2014, the Government of West Java Province, communities, and other stakeholders committed to change in order to Citarum clean, healthy and beautiful, and lestari (Bestari). Various movements and events were held, such as Citarum Cultural Festival 2015 that held at the Larareun Field Rancakasumba village, Solokanjeruk, Bandung regency, on Thursday (11/05/2015).

    "It's a gamble. On June 22, 2014 we planned to Citarum Bestari and we'll see on June 22, 2018 the Citarum looks like. It's a gamble for us and the people around Citarum," said Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar at the opening of this event.

    Vice Governor wants to reinforce this commitment through a variety things, such as race-themed Citarum. "Let us make Citarum Mars and compete it to refresh us, encourage us, strengthen our commitment, so it is not only the discourse," said ViceGovernor in his speech.

    "We try to make a competition of the best village and the worst village in waste management, to judge ourselves," added Vice Governor.

    Citarum river along the 300 km it passes through 11 districts/cities in West Java. Upstream the river is in Situ Cisanti, and the upper reaches of the Muara Gembong, Bekasi. Vice Governor also expressed Citarum as a strategic river for the people of West Java. "Faces of West Java around in Citarum. Because the river is the center of human civilization, as a source of water, transportation, agriculture, the source of life," said Vice Governor.

    "Perhaps we have no longer need Citarum, so we make it as a waste bin and toilet stool. We should change the Citarum as before," Vice Governor spoke in front of hundreds of people who attended the event.

    Citarum Cultural Festival was opened by traditional dance "Handaru Citarum" (Gema Citarum) were created by the Head Village of Rancakasumba Jajat Sudrajat.

    Head of the Environmental Management Agency (BPLHD) West Java Province Anang Sudarna, said the event is one of the many series of provincial government programs through BPLHD to strengthen and encourage the commitment of the community, especially people around Citarum to preserve the environment.

    "This event was held to invite and encourage people to be active in managing the environment, especially in Citarum," Anang said in his speech.

    In addition, through various events held, he also hope it can change the mindset of the people and other stakeholders in order to live a cultured environment.

    And to support this program, on this occasion Anang also revealed that it would make book of Friday sermon based on environment. In addition, BPLHD has facilitated 105 of 122 schools in West Java to attend this school race cultured environment in national level.

    In this Citarum Cultural Festival, also held a dialogue or discussion that is expected to give birth to great ideas related to the management of Citarum. There are also competitions to arouse people characters, especially children to cultured environment like drawing and writing poetry, and also held the exhibition stand of the agency or environmental organisations.


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