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    Java tea Preanger Achieves Certificate of Geographical Indications



    JAKARTA - The flagship product from West Java tea with tea brand Java Preanger received Geographical Indication Certificate from the Directorate General of Intellectual Property (DGIP) Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

    This certificate is given in the framework of the National Intellectual Property Forum in 2016 and handed over by the Minister of Law and Human Rights Yasonna Laoly to the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar witnessed by Vice President Jusuf Kalla at the Vice President, Jl. Kebon Sirih No. 14, Central Jakarta, on Monday (18.07.16).

    This certificate is important for a regional product development. A geographical indication is a sign which indicates the origin of goods is due to the geographical environment, including natural factors, human factors, or a combination of these factors provides specific characteristics and quality on the goods produced. It is important for our country, because Indonesia has a wealth of diverse potential or geographical indication products that can be utilized for the development of the national economy.

    In line with this, the Deputy Governor of Deddy Mizwar reveal this certificate is necessary for the product Preanger Java Tea. Through this certification, Java Tea Preanger has its own peculiarities characteristic or as a tea product with geographic characteristic of West Java.

    "I think this is important, because it also involves not just seeds, but also land and processing as well. This has been researched and specific characteristics of tea in West Java," said Deputy Governor after the handover certificate.

    "And this is a very valuable intellectual property. So if you're going to wear that name, it must be our permission. This means that the quality is maintained and guaranteed," he added.

    Vice Governor said that this certificate can be used as a benchmark for maintaining the quality of tea products and commodities Java Preanger economically. To maintain the quality, the provincial government also made efforts so that this tea quality is maintained and the more widely known, such as technical assistance to farmers, as well as guidance from the sale or trade.

    "So this is really going to be a quality tea. If the price is expensive, yes means is different quality. It must be kept constant quality, as if out of certain requirements (Certificate of Geographical Indications) he has fallen into intellectual property," Vice Governor said.

    "And we will continue to evaluate its products every year," he added.

    This certainly is the potential wealth of superior product owned by our nation. Vice President Jusuf Kalla also said that the geographical nature of this wealth should we keep, because it is not necessarily owned by other regions in the world. To that end, the government was determined to support and promote a wide range of intellectual property in the ground water. For example, with a variety of research and development.

    "The government is determined to move forward, it needs the support of universities and research institutes. And almost all of the studies that started from a university or college," said the vice president in his speech at the forum.

    Forum Intellectual Property this time the theme: "National Strategy for Intellectual Property Into the Power of Digital Economy", in accordance with the theme of Intellectual Property Day World 16th year promoted by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) with the theme: "Digital Creativity: Culture reimagined ", which the whole world is facing what is called the era of digital economy with one of its production materials through digital creativity.

    "That's why the Univeritas, research institutions, such as Lipi and so forth. Also to young people who have the brainpower and kemempuan mind and intelligence, let vying for membut advances in science and technology," urged the vice president.

    In addition Tea Java Preanger, there are products from other areas that also received the Certificate of Geographical Indications, namely: Robusta coffee Semendo South Sumatra, Salt Amed Bali, Orange Keprok Gayo Aceh, Coffee Liberika Rangsang Meranti Riau, Black Pepper Lampung, and Kayu Manis Kerinci in Jambi.

    In addition, there are also other blessings, such as WIPO Awards in 2016 with one of the recipients Mochamad Ridwan Kamil (Mayor of Bandung) by category WIPO Medal for Creativity, the National KI Award 2016, with a wide range of categories, as well as users of e-filling awards DGIP.

    On this occasion, also conducted the signing of the MoU on the implementation of the Support Center of Technology and Innovation or Technology & Innovation Support Center (TISC) between the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights with 4 (four) universities: University of Indonesia, Gadjah Mada University, Padjadjaran University, and Andalas University.

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