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    Anis Baswedan Inaugurates The Implementation of PLS Bandung



    BANDUNG-Minister for Primary and Secondary Education, Anis Baswedan inaugurated the program Introduction to Environmental School (PLS) in Bandung. The inauguration marked the beating of drums together between Mendikdasmen, Mayor Ridwan Kamil and Kedisdik Bandung, Tuesday (19/7), held at the Hall SMAN 8 Bandung.

    In his speech, Anis Baswedan reiterated that hazing activities for new students is not allowed. "I reiterate, no more hazing activities, anytime and anywhere", he exclaimed.

    Therefore Anis asked the schools to conduct activities introduction of the school environment (PLS) in order to increase the spirit of the new students in undergoing the process of learning in the new school.

    According to Anis Baswedan, that PLS activities are carried out by the teachers in each school. "The issue of the involvement of senior student or the student council in the PLS, is limited to helping the tutor," said Anis.

    In another part of his speech, the Minister Anis very much hope that the students have "character". Anis interpret the character of the "habit". Ie basic human impulse that becomes a habit, for example, the habit of doing honest, kind, spirit, profesaional and others, and this is what must be grown them in the school environment, said Anis Baswedan.

    "In the future, that the progress of a civilization will be determined by three things, namely," the character, competence include (kratifitas, critical thinking, communication and collaboration), and literacy. Dasaritu above, the three schools should base it in the process of education to their students. "Students who have character, has 4 C and literacy (reading culture), said Anis Baswedan.

    Minister Anis Baswedan give positive appreciation to the Mayor of Bandung, which set a goal in terms of Bandung MASAGI (Plenary) and establishes a basis for organizing the educational process, "compassion penance, grindstones, foster and penance wawangi". This very place with tujaun education completely, he said.

    Anis Baswedan presence of the Minister was accompanied by the mayor of Bandung, officials Disdik Prov.Jabar, Bandung teacher organization leaders, and hundreds of students began tingka elementary / junior high to high school / vocational school.

    After the event, the Minister Anis took PLS reviewing activities at SMAN 8 Bandung and engage in dialogue with the new students who mengikutiprogram PLS.

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