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    First Day of School is Time To Show Our Attention as Parents to Our Children



    BANDUNG-As parents, The Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB), Yuddy Chrisnandi, along with Mrs. Velly Elvira, drove their favorite daughter, Ayesha Fatma Nandira, to school on the first day in junior Labschool Kebayoran, South Jakarta, Monday (18/07).

    The first day of school is a most important moment in the life cycle of a children. It will be remembered by the children and it is the process of introducing children and parents to the school environment. "Today is the first day for the children to go to school and it is the duty of us, parents to pay our attention to their children," said Yuddy on Monday (18/7).

    As they driving their kids to school, parents can meet teachers, establish good communication. In the future, when children go to school, greeted by the teachers. "This kind of atmosphere will give you a sense of comfort not only for children but also for us as parents," he said.

    Ayesha, as a new entrants to the SMP, looked shy as she enters the new school environment. Both parents were accompanied by teachers kept pushing and encouraging Ayesha to get acquainted and join his friends.

    The tradition at the school in general, for new students are required to attend Student Orientation Period (MOS), which is now replaced by the School Environment Recognition Period (MPLS). Similarly, Ayesha, also had to gather round with her classmates and use attributes.

    According to the Minister Yuddy, MPLS is common for children to get to know the school environment and the activities at the school. The important thing is that teacher accompanying the children, the seniors provide guidance to the younger class with compassion. "Hazing is not a thing anymore," he said.

    Indonesia Education Specialist at once Advisory Labschool Arief Rachman said, will build good character so that children do not become a new student who dared because, honest, character. His motto, faith, science, charity, for our national and global insight. "It was very important. It's a big day in education, "he said.

    As was said earlier, the Minister PANRB yuddy Chisnandi approved of granting dispensation for employees ASN deliver child goes to school on the first day, Monday, July 18, 2016. The Minister reiterated to the ASN who will deliver her first school to report to their respective superiors.

    Corresponding Letter of the Minister PANRB No: B / 2461 / M.PANRB / 07/2016 dated July 14, 2016 on Permit For State Civil Apparatus in First Day of School, yuddy Minister has instructed all of Trustees Personnel Officer (PPK) throughout Indonesia to grant permission for the state apparatus that will deliver her child in the first day of school.

    Minister also reminded ASN yuddy after delivering her child, must still go to work and work as usual. "We apologize if the public service a little bit annoyed because of this. But after dropping off school children, ASN should be returned to their respective working places, "he explained. (Rr / PR MENPANRB)

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