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    Parents Took Their Children to School



    KAB. BANDUNG BARAT- Parents whose children first entered school on Monday (18/07) morning which is the beginning of the learning process, crowded the schools, including SMP Negeri 1 Ngamprah, West Bandung.

    Parents whose children received at the school, come to school early to watch their children take part in the school's flag ceremony at the same time to see the start of school orientation.

    During the ceremony, which directly conveyed by the principal of SMPN 1 Ngamprah, Sudarmanto asked the parents to support and be involved in school activities.

    "Progress in the process of learning will smoothly achieved if there is an ivolvement from the parents," he said

    After watching the flag ceremony, the parents accompanied by their children fill out a form containing data of students and parents, which has been prepared by the school.

    The Minister of National Education and Culture issued a Circular Letter, requesting the parents dropping off their children to school on the first day. (Parno)

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