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    As West Java is Already Free of Violence and Abuse, The Government Prepares Qualified Education



    BANDUNG-The Government of West Java is already launched violence-free programme. The declaration has been followed up with several educational programs, said Head of West Java Education, Asep Hilman, in a statement to reporters, Monday (18/7).

    Asep further revealed, the launching of the programme is motivated by the increasing cases of violence against women and children.

    To minimize the occurrence of violence, requires the participation of all parties and all programs. To support the education program will be inserted in various subjects include Religious Education, Moral Education, education senbi and Career Guidance (BK), said Asep Hilman.

    Anticipation of violence prevention, will also be implemented in extracurricular education, followed by the students, he added.

    In the technical level of violence prevention in schools, the teacher's role will be further enhanced by counseling. The teacher, said Asep, detects the potential for violence, because violence can happen in the cafeteria or other facilities in the school. (NR)

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