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    West Java Provincial Government Awarded to Individu in Sports Achievement


    BANDUNG - West Java Provincial Government through the Department of Sports and Youth (Disorda) of West Java Province handed several awards be in the form of coaching fund to individual who had achievement in national and international competition that makes proud of West Java.

    The award was handed over to individu who reached sports achievement in Asean Beach Games III / 2014 in Phuket Thailand, SEA Games XXVIII/2015 in Singapore, Week Paralympic National Student (Peparpenas) VII/2015 in West Java and Sports Week National Student (Popnas) XIII/2015 in West Java by Head of Disorda West Java Province, Dr.H. Yudha Munajat Saputra, M.Ed in Krakatau Room, Hotel Horison, on Thursday (5/11).

    The awards was given to 619 sportsman that consist of athletes, coaches, managers, mechanics, leader of the contingent and the referee who had reached several achievement to West Java.

    "The award is given be in the form of coaching fund directly to the recipient. In contrast to the previously provided through the transfer,” said Dr.H. Yudha Munajat told reporters.

    This coaching funds according Yudha, amounted to Rp 5.2 billion. Athletes who won a gold medal in the event of Asean Beach Games III/2014 in Phuket Thailand, each received Rp 30 million, silver medalists received Rp 18 million and bronze medalists received Rp 13 million. Athletes non medals were also given Rp 4 million respectively.

    Athletes who winning gold medals at the SEA Games event XXVIII / 2015 in Singapore each got Rp 40 million, silver medalists Rp 30 million and bronze medalists Rp 15 million. While the medalists of the number of teams, given to based on calculations.

    In addition to athletes who winning medals, 20 non-medal athletes, 20 coaches, two team managers, mechanics 1 and 2 referees in this event as well as earning this coaching funds.

    Athletes winning gold medals at the Pepapernas 2015 given USD 7.5 million, silver medalists Rp 5 million and bronze medalists Rp 3 million and the non-medal athlete Rp 1 million. Athletes who earn money in this event were 26 people, plus 4 companion, 8 coaches, 2 and 3 the official leader of the contingent.

    While athletes winning gold medals at the event POPNAS earn Rp 8 million, a gold medalist Rp 5 million and bronze medalists Rp 3 million. Athletes non medals each earn Rp 1.3 million.

    In addition to the coaching funds, athletes who have achievement and still at school, was also given a scholarship. In this case, Disorda of West Java Province, according Yudha, in collaboration with the Education Department of West Java Province.

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