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    The Governor Led a Muster on "West Java is Against The Act of Violence"


    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, directly led a muster in "West Java is Against The Act of Violence in Gedung Sate on Monday (18/7). The muster was started with pledge recital by students from throughout West Java.

    In his speech the Governor said that he hopes there are no act of violence found in West Java. "There should be no act of violence such as an act of punishing phisically whether it is happening in school, within the family of inside the society," he hopes.

    Furthermore, the Governor explained that "West Java used to be popular for its act of violence towards children and women, but today, West Java is becoming an exemplary region for handling act of violence in Indonesia. Especially since the establishment of P2TP2A," he said.

    During the event, The Governor introduced a jargon which is "Kasih Sayang, Yes! Kekerasan, NO!" as he shouted it followed by all of the students.

    Later on the event the Governor despatched a group of officials for an "Officials Go To School" programme.

    In order to emphasize the commitment of the Government of West Java, The Governor wrote "Against the violence" on a banner followed by all of the students and the officials. Mrs. Netty and Mrs. Giselawati signed the banner and wrote their message.

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