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    Socialization of West Java 71st Anniversary "De Syukron" in Cianjur



    CIANJUR-Socialisation of West Java 71st Anniversary 2016 through Road Show De-Syukron ", took place in Pasir Hayam Traditional Market, Cianjur, Saturday (16/7). The roadshow was marked by sounding the lisung.

    Present in the socialization was the Administrative Assistant I of Solihin well as representing the Governor of West Java who was unable to attend. In addition, there were also the leaders of the WTO and the Secretary of the Regional District. Cianjur, as well as hundreds of teachers throughout Kab.Cianjur along with the local community.

    Socialization of West Java 71st anniversary celebrated with their healthy road management, performing arts envoy Kab.Cianjur, Sukabumi, Depok and Kab.Bogor. Also celebrated with "fashion show" Band performing with guest stars "Silvi" KDI, exhibition development with OPD participants from Prov. Jabar and Cianjur regency. Then should also be given compensation to the people dhu'fa.

    Solihin in his welcoming speech said that he appreciates the cooperation between The Government of West Java and the Cianjur regency in the implementation of this event.

    Additionally, Solihin expect moral support from the citizens of Cianjur, by going to the convening of PON XIX in this coming month of September. "Hopefully, West Java could be number one in the implementation of the PON," said Solihin.

    PON in West Java brings "Chess Success". Namely, a successful implementation, the successful achievement where Jabar become number one "Jabar Kahiji", successful economic empowerment and successful administration. The fourth such success are the objectives of the PON in West Java and thus it certainly needed the support and participation of all citizens of West Java, tertmasuk in which citizens Kab. Cianjur ", said Solihin.

    After the main event, accompanied by Assistant Secretary Solihin Kab.Cianjur reviewing stand exhibition which took place not far from the venue.

    Meanwhile, according to organizers Road Show de-Syukron, Head of Public Relations Serda Jabar, Ade Sulkasah in the report informs that this event is a series of Road Show, which was held in four BKPP West Java, namely in Cirebon, Subang, Cianjur and the last to be held in Bandung.

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