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    The Government is Ready to Undergo Further Hearing



    BANDUNG-The Government of West Java is ready to undergo further hearing that will be held on the next July 19, 2016.
    The Chairman of Legal and Human Rights Bureau of The West Java Regional Secretariate, Budi Prastio said that the fight or rebuttal was based on the determination of execution on June 1, 2016 that has gone through some trial.
    "The Governor has handed the special power to the Chairman of The High Judiciary to assist the further hearing process," said Budi at his office in gedung Sate, on Friday (15/07/16).
    The High Judicaiary had formed a team of state prosecutors which will become the representative of The Government of West Java on the hearing along with a team from the Legal and Human Rights Bureau.
    Furthermore,  Budi said that the fight is against the determination of execution which initially to be held on June 1, 2016.
    This is due to the strong evidence that the execution of an error location land which is on 46 D.III while Jalan Dago No. 358 where the establishment of the Office of Animal Husbandry of West Java Province comes from the land parcels of 24 D.I Kohir 2647.
    A day earlier, West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) describe one object or an error occurs in objecto in setting execution disputed land.
    "I am the Governor of West Java, on behalf of the state, in the name of legal justice will continue to defend the land Disnak in Dago 358 to 360. We will continue to maintain the land as state land," Aher said in a press conference related to it in Gedung Sate, Thursday ( 14.07.2016).
     It is also in accordance with the Bandung District Court decision in 2003, which states that the Supreme Court decision either on appeal or PK error in objecto or any parcels. Therefore, the Bandung District Court with the decision No. 247 / Pdt / G / 1989 / PN.Bdg also when it stated that the decision could not be executed.
     "Until now, the Provincial Government (Jabar) still has a valid certificate, and there is no justice agencies to cancel any certificate. There can be no execution without invalidating the certificate, do not you," said Aher.
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