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    The Ministry of Education and Cultrue Should Always Watch The Implementation of PLS


    BANDUNG-The Vice Chairman of the commission was Fikri Faqih proposed that the change term ospek of Student Orientation Period (MOS) became Introduction to Environmental School (PLS) on Admission of Students New (PPDB), both in high school and in junior high school, still under the watch of The Ministry of Education and Culture or Education authorities in each region.

    It was submitted in response to the release Permendikbud Fikri No. 18 of 2016, in which some of the content is about the ospek name change, also the transfer of the management of students (OSIS) to the teacher.

    "X The Commission proposed that the term changes, need to keep it within the oversight. It is time, hazing of the upperclassmen and alumni to her sisters who had entered discontinued. Culture of violence or bullying must be disconnected chain since the beginning of school, "said Fikri in a press release received jabarprov.go.id, Friday (15/7).

    In addition, Fikri also wish there coaching, both from the school and the Education Department of the extra-curricular organizations (extracurricular), Rohis, as well as the student council. Such development, value Fikri, was part to strengthen and support the activities of these institutions as a means of social development in the school.

    "Although no longer handle ospek, but agencies such as the council is still required. That's because institutions like this can build student leadership and piety, as a moon crater upfront regeneration successor homeland, "he said.

    It said the policy Kemendikbud born because of the many cases of violence or bullying in the administration ospek in high school / junior high schools, both psychologically and physically experienced when students first enter school. In fact, in some areas, cases of violence resulting in death.

    For example, on July 29, 2014, a student named Febriyanti Safitri (12) who died while attending MOS in SMP PGRI, Gadog, Megamendung, Bogor. in August 2015, a student named Evan Christoper Situmorang (13) died two weeks after participating in the Junior MOS Flora, Bekasi, West Java, because the complaints in the legs were very heavy due ordered to jump squat by the seniors. (ADI)



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