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    Some Department in West Java Will be Merged



    BANDUNG-Some departments, agencies and offices in the West Java provincial government in the near future will be merged.

    According to the Secretary Jabar Iwa Karniwa, melting the agency in the framework of the efficiency of work and the performance of agencies and official institutions as directed Kemendagri, obviously Iwa at Gedung Sate (14/7).

    "There are some that will be merged, but I can not pass this time Because there is still discussion about the details, pending PP affairs down from the central government" he said.

    In addition to official institutions agencies and offices, assistant Several area too there may be combined, with the same hopes that the efficiency and effectiveness of performance.

    "Now Also the same, there will be a merger or consolidation, but as well the Department and the Institute has not been Able to say at this time" he said.

    However Iwa said, the latest targets of the new organizational structure and should have been completed in 2017. (Pun)

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