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    Aher:The Government Will Defend State Assets



    BANDUNG-The Governor of WestJava Ahmad Heryawan insists that West Java is ready to face the 'robbers' state that wants to control assets in the West Java Animal Husbandry Department Jl. Ir. H Juanda Dago. It was revealed in a speech in the Office Aher Disnak Jabar Thursday, (14/7).
    "We will still maintain the state assets managed by the provincial government, because we believe we are right" he said loudly, in front of the provincial government supporters period.
    Aher even poked with plaintiffs and their supporters do not want to be exploited by the mafia to seize state assets.
    "Traitors name if only for the sake of rupiah that is not how, You want manipulated to seize state assets that have clear ownership," said Aher.
     Ahmad Heryawan also gratitude and appreciation at the time of the various groups present in the office Disnak.
    "Thank you for support and strengthen our spirit. And you all no move from the government, do not get paid, right? "He asked the crowd.
    The mass arrival to the office of the Animal Husbandry Department Thursday afternoon, to maintain the assets of the plan execution court over a land dispute between families Johana Adiwidjaja and the West Java provincial government. (PUN)
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