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    Five SOE CSR Synergy in West Java



    BANDUNG-A total of five (5) State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs), including; PT Bio Farma (Persero), PTPN III (Persero), PTPN VIII (Persero), PT Pupuk Kujang, and Perum Jasa Tirta II, initiated the 'pragram CSR activities in West Java SOE Synergy 2016'.
    It thus expressed Bio Farma CSR Division Chief R. Herrera, on hearing all five companies 'red plate' is, by the Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar, at Rr. Ciremai, Gedung Sate, Bandung, Thursday (14/07/2
    Deddy Wagub Mizwar, welcomed the program of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) which suguhkan. According to him, it should have coordinated their activities with various stakeholders, in particular the Government so that there is no overlap, or duplication of social assistance to the community. Through this hearing, the Government can help mapping aid targets, he said.
    "I express my appreciation, togetherness means that significantly benefit the community. I guess if there is a good coordination of all. In order not fallen overlap, or there is duplication of aid targeted the same with the others, "stated Vice Governor Deddy.
    As well as the outside activities 'joint' is, when a firm hold similar activities. Deddy called on companies to report, or coordinate its CSR activities to the government, as well as relevant agencies in this case the company can report the details of CSR activities, to the Regional Development Planning Board (Bappeda) of West Java Province. "So utterly inconceivable we do not receive the money. We only recommend, directing the organizers CSR in implementing the program, "said Deputy Governor.
    The number of CSR activities SOE Synergy program in West Java in 2016, including;
     1. Veterans Home Revitalisation
     The number of homes that will be operated as many as 52 houses in West Java. Total funds required about USD 2 M. Implementation in July s / d November 2016. Based on data from Legion Veterans of the Republic of Indonesia (LVRI), West Java, there are as many as 724 housing units that need to be verified, to be eligible to receive this assistance. The house is spread, in Bandung 6 home, Kab. 20 House Bandung, Kab. Bandung Barat 15 Houses, Kab. 17 Houses Purwakarta, Tasikmalaya 264 Houses, City of Sukabumi 212 Houses, Cirebon 5 Houses, Kab. Subang 17 Houses, Kab. Majalengka 2 Houses, Kab. Brass 39 Houses, Kab. Garut 33 Houses, Houses 62 Cianjur, Cirebon 10 Houses, Bogor City 1 Housing, Kab. Bogor 5 house.
    2. Student Exchange
     Student exchange as many as 20 students / SMA / SMK (2 of whom are students at the school that bears disabilitasdan SLB) from West Java to North Sulawesi August 2016. Selection of participants is being conducted in West Java Provincial Education Office. Participate with the pendamiping, estimated fund of Rp 800 million is needed in this activity.
    Knowing Nusantara students was held with the goal, giving spirit to the students to be proud of the rich variety of the archipelago. As well as increasing national awareness for the future generations to be able to compete globally by promoting local wisdom.
    3. Development of Prisoners
     Guidance given to prisoners of childbearing age who were out Penitentiary, with the following criteria: It is not a prisoner: terrorists, rapists, drug dealers, and corruption; not included in the category of prisoners to severe punishment; Free for getting remission at the time of Independence Day.
    Coaching is done through the provision of training related to the development of skills / skill as a preparation for self-employment (as needed) with a budget of coaching around Rp 100.000.000, -. In addition, ex-convicts are given aid equipment as working capital and do business assistance for 6 bula
    4. Provision of Clean Water Facility
    Provision of clean water to do (in the form of well construction or the provision of means of streaming / storage / water treatment). Training on the environment to the surrounding community
    5. Child Care in The Market
    It is still found the traders who brought toddlers when selling. Causes children not getting a proper environment for growth and development. The plan daycare centers will be built in traditional markets in government-owned land. The management was handed over to local government.
    6. Development of Former National Athletes
    The condition of former national athlete is still less attention and is not entirely obtain decent work.
    Criteria former national athletes who will receive coaching, among others; Ever get a medal in the event the national sporting activities; - Both persons with disabilities and those without disabilities; Still need help to get a job and a decent effort.
    Coaching is done through the provision of training related to the development of expertise / skills, business development (as needed) with a budget of coaching around Rp 100.000.000, -. Former national athletes are given aid equipment as working capital (if necessary) and do business assistance for 6 months.
    7. Thrift
    SOE providing food packages worth approximately Rp. 150.000 / package, containing; 10 kg of rice (equivalent quality centra ramos-medium or equivalent), 2 L of cooking oil, and 2 kg of sugar. Society got a discount on the purchase price of food packages (only pay Rp 25,000 / package). While the proceeds donated to local houses of worship.
    8. Healthy Way
    Will be held August 16, 2016 morning, at 07.00 pm, with participants of the general public, provided the door prize.
    Vice Governor Deddy want to more state-owned enterprises to join in this activity in the future. Synergy makes movement very beneficial for society.
    While Bio Farma CSR Division Chief R. Herrera said that his company wants to provide a real contribution to the West Java.
    "Activity, or activity that has been the realization requires coordination with various parties, government, military, police, and other holeder stake," says he.
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