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    Parents Should Accompany Their Children on The First Day of School



    BANDUNG-The Minister of Education and Culture of Indonesian Republic, Anies Baswedan, published a letter No. 4 of 2016 regarding the first day of school and immediately in force per July 11, 2016. Through the letter the Minister sees that it is only proper for the parents to accompany their children on the first day of school.

    The Government of West Java,  Ahmad Heryawaan, is in favor with this regulation. Aher said that the regulation is a good breakthrough . According to him, this could be the beginning of a better future generation.

    "A good generation is a generation which formally and non-formally educated and close to their parents," he said.

    Furthermore,  Aher said that the programme could become a good reference for the children. Therefore, a simple act like taking your children to school could mean a lot for the children and thus affecting them in the future.

    "I appealed to every parents to take your children to school every morning," he said.

    Aher also appealed to the parents to take their children to school on their first da which will be on July 18, 2016. The companies in which the parents are working should understand if there are some of their workers that come late to the office on that date. He himself allows his employee to come late on the day.

    "Taking your children to school is for the sake of their future, and thus indirectly affect the future of this nation. Therefore, taking your children to school is considered public service for the sake of this nation as well," he said.

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