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    Public Consumption is Increasing 10%-15% Last Ramadan



    BANDUNG - Lebaran make the economy passionate. During Lebaran There is an increase in consumption, especially for basic needs and necessities Lebaran by 10-15%.
    According to the Economic Observer of Unpas Bandung, Acuviarta Kartabi, consumption increase is also an indication of improvement of people's purchasing power ahead of the holiday.
    "There is an increase of about 10-15%, it became a passion of its own economy. Rising purchasing power, "he said.
    Increased purchasing power of people supported by several factors. Among them is already pays salaries to 13 and 14 to civil servants (PNS). In addition, employees have
     get holiday allowance (THR). That the public has adequate funds to face the moment of Lebaran and school holidays.
    "Moreover Lebaran this year falls at the beginning of the month so that the financial community is still insufficient," he said.
    On the other hand, the inflation rate in West Java in May and June is quite small. Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS), inflation of West Java in June stands at 0.5 percent. Jo
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