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    Tito Must Have a Breakthrough to Take Care of Child Sexual Violence



    BANDUNG-Finally, after going through various stages, Tito Karnavian officially inaugurated by President Jokowi become Chief of Indonesian National Police (Police Chief) to replace General Police Badrodin Haiti, at the State Palace (13/7). Various expectation was hung to the best graduates of the Police Academy class of 1987 who is also the former police chief of Metro Jaya.

    In addition to hope that the police more professional in serving the community and enforce the law, the police are also required to have a breakthrough to deal with exceptional crimes ranging from drugs, corruption, terrorism, and the sexual abuse of children.

    "Mr. Tito must immediately follow the mandate of the President Jokowi that already incorporate sexual abuse of children as an extraordinary crime. That is, he must have a new breakthrough in addressing sexual violence against children. Because the name is an extraordinary crime, handling must be superb as well, "said Deputy Chairman of the Committee III DPD Fahira Idris, at the Parliament Complex, Senayan, Jakarta (13/7), as a release submitted to the editor jabarprov.go.id Wednesday ( 13/7) afternoon.

    According Fahira, which is one of their areas of child protection, the police should be given all human understanding that currently, the handling of crimes of sexual violence against children is as important as the handling of cases of drugs, corruption, and terrorism. Therefore, all the resources that exist within the police force, including the budget, must be maximized.

    "The door early handling of cases of sexual crimes against children right there in the police, so the police role is very important. Police all human understanding that cases of sexual abuse of children should be taken seriously and done exceptionally, be absolute. With the experience of Mr. Tito dealing with the crime of terrorism, I am optimistic, under her leadership, the police will have a tremendous breakthrough in handling cases of sexual abuse of children, "said Senator Jakarta.

    In addition, continued Fahira, the Police were leading law enforcement agency in the implementation of Government Regulation in Lieu of Law (Perppu) Number 1 Year 2016 regarding the Second Amendment Act No. 23 of 2002 on the Protection of Children, which is now in the House. That is, in cases of violence against children, the police should be able to maximize weighting and increase the punishment is in This regulation, ranging from a sentence of imprisonment for a minimum 10 years and maximum 20 years, life imprisonment, the death penalty, and the addition of criminal such as chemical castration, as a legal basis to ensnare child predators.

    "Police and the Prosecutor must design the course so that there is no more room for the judge to sentence the mediocre against the perpetrators of sexual violence against children. Moreover, if sexual violence was conducted in a sadistic, savage, repetitive and result in death. For me, this is one of the parameters of success later police in handling cases of sexual violence against children, in addition to the prevention of course, "said activist Fahira child protection.

    Fahira also expressed his hope that the Police to be the leading front in the protection of children in Indonesia, of course, with synergies with relevant Ministry / Agencies, Attorney, and BIN.

    "In the future handling of sexual abuse of children must put the victims as the subject and the police have a clear recovery mechanism for victims and their families, and give priority to the rights of victims. I really hope the police were able to give new energy to the nation to fight alongside all forms of sexual abuse of children, "concludes Fahira.

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