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    Bandung is The Post-Eid Migration Destination


    BANDUNG-The problem regarding migration especially urbanisation is predicted to continuously happening mostly after the Eid as what happened in Bandung.

    The Population Expert of Padjajaran University (Unpad) Bandung, Ferry Hadiyanto, said that as long as the city provides what they seek, people will keep coming to the city.

    "They would do anything to get what they need in the city," he said.

    According to Ferry, in the city, especially Bandung, it is easier for the people to get incentives and this is the factor that attracts them to migrate.

    "This is an inevitable condition even with the existence of ID issuance policy that has been tightened by the Government," he said.

    Ferry said that one of the thing that the Government could do to handle this is to create as many working oportunities in the village as possible in order to increase the quality of their life.

    "There are a lot of potential that can be dug in the village in order to open a new working oportunity," Ferry said. (Parno)

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