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    The Governor Inaugurated Eka Setiawan as The Regent of Sumedang



    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, Inaugurated and took Ir. H. Eka Setiawan, Dipl., S.E., M.M, under vow as the Regent of Sumedang continuing the 2013-2018 service period at The West Hall of Gedung Sate on Tuesday (12/7).
    In his welcoming speech, The Governor said that he hopes the new Regent could carry the responsibility wisely and run the Governance smoothly and also could accelerate the development of his regency.
    The Governor stated at least six instruction for the new Regent to follow:
    1. Increasing the human development index which covers education, health, and purchasing power.
    2. Accelerating the develooment until the remote area of the regency.
    3. Increasing the quality of agricultural sector through irigation network refinement.
    4. Developing agropolitan and tourism policies.
    5. Improving Sumedang urban planning so that the region would become an education friendly region.
    6. Wisely manage the investment by prioritising environment preserverance.
    In the end, all of those instructions should reduce poverty, eradicate unemployment, and preserve the environment.
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