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    The Murder of a Toddler in Kutai



    BANDUNG-The sacred of Eid Al-Fitr was disturbed by the murder of a toddler in East Kutai, East Kalimantan.

    The toddler of Faturrahman, NNA (5) was found motionless after two days of being lost since the second day of Eid Al-Fitr. The toddler was allegedly kidnapped, murdered, and burned on Thursday morning.

    "This incident is a reminder for the Government to realise the mandate of the constitution to protect the children of this nation as the President has published a Children Protection law No. 1 of 2016," said Ledia Hanifa Amaliah, The member of the eighth commission of the House of Representative on Monday (11/07).

    Ledia hopes that the authorities could seriously looked into the matter which wounds the hope of our people especially parents and their rights to feel save on their daily basis activity.

    "The Indonesian families are now haunted. The rampant case of children abuse proves that even their closest environment that is surrounding them is no longer save. It requires the professionalism of the authorities to to restore the harmony within the society. Crimes will not be allowed to develop and justice law will be enforced," said Ledia.

    In order to fulfill the comittment to protect our children, Ledia appealed to the authority to give the perpetrator a maximum charge according to the Children Protection law No. 35 of 2014.

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