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    Engineers and Local Components in CN 219


    BANDUNG - PT. DI and LAPAN has finished building a prototype unit of the CN 219 are planned to be launched by President Jokowi. This aircraft was built by a local flight engineer.

    Production Director of PT. DI Arie Wibowo said the manufacture of the CN 219 is designed by the national aviation engineer who has high dedication and nationalism.

    “There are 150 people, and the majority are new engineer. We collaborate with seniors as well as to regenerate,” he said.

    In addition to local engineers, CN 219 also use the local components. Presently he said there are about 40% are already using local components. "We continue to add local components maximum up to 60%.”

    In addition, PT. DI also invite the small and medium enterprises (UMKM) in the production of CN 219, so that the local economy will grow in the the national aircraft manufacturing.


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