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    On The First Day of The Working Week, All Government Services are Running Normally



    BANDUNG-The first post Eid working week, Monday (11/07) all government services are expected to run normally. As stated by the Governor of West Java, H. Ahmad Heryawan, on Monday (11/07).

    As for the attendance of the civil servants, as seen on the first assembly which was conducted this morning, most of the civil servants are presence. Of the number of 1,057 people, as many as 1,051 people attending the asembly. While that is not present as much as 6 the reason is quite obvious that the client is sick.

    On the occasion to come to work after the Eid holiday,the morning assembly which took place in West Java Regional Secretariate was chaired by the Governor of West Java. In his speech, the governor hopes the results of worship during the Muslim fasting month of Ramadan can affect a civil servant himself. That change is the mental change as announced by the Government Jokowi, the "mental revolution".

    After delivering his message, the governor and the deputy governor and Secretary, received greetings from the civil servants of the West Java Regional Secretariate.

    After gathering at the Gedung Sate, the governor did an inspection to BPMPT of West Java and service office Dispenda Regional Unit West Bandung, Jl. Padjadjaran Bandung.

    From the results of the inspection to the BPPT and dispense unit in Jl. Padjadjaran Bandung, confirmed by the governor, that all the services needed by the community certainly have been running normally. Governor appreciated positively the work scope after Lebaran holiday 1437 Revenue H.

    According to the Governor observed at revenue community has been coming to the Revenue Office, shows the atmosphere of public service is running normally. Likewise from the public, seemed enthusiastic to pay their tax obligations, and it is positively appreciated by the Governor.

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