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    Governor Monitor The Traffic in Cileunyi



    Bandung Regency - West Java Governor Ahmad Heryawan perform monitoring traffic flow of three days after the Eid or Saturday (9/7). The observation is carried out in two places, namely Cileunyi and around Nagreg. After the observation in Cilenyi told reporters governor said backflow Lebaran 2016 traffic is relatively more smoothly than last year.

    "In general, compared to last year is now relatively more smoothly, thank God" he said.

    Smooth traffic, according Aher one of which is the existence of toll roads Cikapali.

    "Yes one of them because the motorway Cikapali already operates one hundred percent this year, as well as the traffic engineering effort or better by the police and the ranks Dishub" said Aher.

    Aher added, although there is an increasing number of travelers compared to last year, but in terms of smoothness of order, this year is better. (Pun)

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