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    Budget Cut in The Ministry of Health



    BANDUNG-The Member of The Ninth Commission of The House of Representative, Adang Sudrajat, deplores the ministries and institutions budget cut from the central Government especially The Ministry of Health, Food and Drug Administration Agency, and The Ministry of Work Forces on the 2016 Fiscal Year.
    Because, those three ministries and institutions are having a good contribution towards the quality of Indonesian Development whether it is short or long term, especially the Sustainability Development Goals (SDGs) achievement.
    "Therefore, the budget cut shows that the Government is not having a clear vision towards the sustainable development of human quality," said Adang.
    In fact, Maternal Mortality Rate (MMR) and Infant Mortality Rate (IMR), which increases gives a clear picture of the government's commitment to the quality of Indonesian human development.
    Therefore, the third request Adang K / L, especially the Ministry of Health should have a clearer road map for the achievement of sustainability Development Goals (SDGs). "Otherwise MMR and IMR will continue to rise
     and national pride is at stake in the face of other developing countries, "said Adang.
    It is known, in the annex UU APBN-P 2016, the revenues from the previous Rp 1.822 trillion to Rp 1.786 trillion. The fall in the country's income, resulting in increasingly enlargement of the budget deficit to GDP, from the previous minus 2.15 percent to minus 2.35 percent.
    Nonetheless, the central transfers to regional and rural funds rising from Rp 770 billion to Rp 776 billion. Therefore, Adang hope MoH programs can authorize a larger area.
    "The trend to manage resources in a centralized and only distributes the tasks of its course, obviously not fair. It will continue to decrease the quality of Indonesian human development," said Dr. graduate of Bandung's Padjadjaran University.
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