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    Commission I of the West Java DPRD Will Inspect In Car Service Garage And Provincial Council Secretariat



    West Java Provincial Parliament plans to inspect pool of official vehicles in the Government and the Parliament of West Java Province. This is to ensure official vehicles are not used for Lebaran by the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) outside of official affairs. The rules are in accordance with Permenpan RB and the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) on the prohibition of the use of official vehicles for home coming.

    Chairman of Commission I of the DPRD Jabar, H. Syahrir, SE said it would inspect directly to the pool or garage storage environment of West Java provincial government official vehicles. The plan will be carried out either before or after the Eid.

    "Indeed this right for the benefit of state facilities ya official not for personal interest, let alone going home. Later we will check his garage, "said Syahrir in Parliament Jabar, Jalan Diponegoro no. 27, Bandung, Thursday (30/06/2016).

    He appealed to the police on the border with the West Java region to act decisively if it finds the official vehicles used for family homecoming. Moreover, the use of facilities including countries outside of official corruption.

    "If there is the official car of the border followed only by the police to be recorded and processed in accordance with applicable regulations," he said.

    Reported previously, in order to follow the ban on State Civil Apparatus (PNS) using official vehicles for homecoming, West Java parliament asks the Bureau of Asset Management of the Regional West Java province to supervise the use of his official vehicle. It aims for a negative assessment of the public relating to the use of state property for personal gain.

    Chairman of Commission I of the DPRD Jabar, H. Syahrir, SE said, the ban on the use of operational vehicles for this homecoming is a decision of the government, both central and provincial governments. Thus, any civil state apparatus (ASN) compliance and no bargaining in it.

    "I will stress to the Bureau of assets in order to keep service vehicles diposnya respectively," said Jabar Syahrir at the Parliament Building, Jalan Diponegoro no. 27, Bandung, on Wednesday (29/6).

    Syahrir said, if there are those who use operational vehicles for homecoming, it is tantamount to corruption because of the use of government facilities outside of official affairs. Therefore, the ASN that violate these rules must be strict sanctions.

    "That's what we're worried about, do nothing naughty still use an official car. Red plate should not be used for homecoming event, "he said.

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