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    PAD Tax Sector, Governor Appreciates West Java Dispenda



    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, accompanied by Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar lodged the introduction Regional Design Regulations (draft) on Accountability for Regional Budget Implementation of West Java province Fiscal Year (FY) 2015.

    Governor expressed this in a plenary session at the Plenary Meeting of the Parliament Building West Java, Jl. Diponegoro No. 27, Bandung, Thursday (30/6).

    Local Government Finance Report is based on the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK). The Examination Result Report has been officially presented by the BPK on the Special Plenary Meeting on the submission West Java DPRD LHP on Local Government Financial Statements for Fiscal Year 2015 dated July 2, 2015, with West Java can maintain a fair opinion without the exception (WTP) for the ke- 5 time.

    "Hopefully, the financial statements, financial utilization with its use of effective, efficient, and well targeted," said Aher after the meeting.

    "So then if WTP but not A Lakipnya, well that means financial statement is correct but the goal has not exactly true. But if his WTP then yes, Lakipnya A, LPPD his best this means between budgeting with empowerment in society is correct, already match, "he continued.

    Fiscal Year 2015 budget Realization of West Java province in accordance with the structure of the budget consists of regional revenue, regional expenditure, and financing.

    Regional Revenue derived from the original income (PAD), DBH and other income area sah until December 31, 2015 can be realized by Rp 24.00 trillion more, or 100.12% of the revenue budget set at Rp 23 , 98 Trillion.

    Regional income sourced from FY 2015 revenue realization reached Rp 16.03 trillion more, or approximately 104.01% of the budgets set at Rp 15.41 trillion more. PAD reception is sourced from Local Taxes, Levies, Regional Wealth Management results were separated, and the other PAD Lawful.

    Local taxes in FY 2015 to reach Rp 14.61 trillion more, or approximately 102.39% of the budget set at Rp 14.27 trillion more. Levies while the realization reached Rp 73.40 billion more, or approximately 124.38% of the budget set at Rp 59.01 billion more.

    Wealth Management for Results Regions Separated realization reached Rp 281.66 billion or 101.06% more than the budget set at Rp 278.69 billion more. While the acceptance of other PAD Lawful realized for Rp 1.06 trillion, more or reached 132.43% of the budget set at Rp 800.94 billion more.

    Governor Ahmad Heryawan has expressed his appreciation to all parties, particularly the Department of Revenue West Java, which has been able to increase revenue in West Java in the budget for Fiscal Year 2015. The rise in revenue, according Aher because of his government's performance was good, but he did not dismiss their performance drops because of slowing economy and reduced funding by the central government.

    "But Alhamdulillah local tax rises, is exceeded. So therefore there is no minus exceeded. Surplus everything. Revenue performance was also outstanding yes, we appreciated the Department of Revenue and departments that make money, which has worked wonderfully and generate revenues of-sebesarnya, "said Aher.

    "We also appreciated other agencies have been using funds effectively and efficiently," he concluded.

    In addition, the relevant regional expenditures for FY 2015 budget realized by Rp 24.41 trillion more, or about 87.98% of the allocated budget of Rp 27.75 trillion sebsar more. Shopping The area includes shopping Indirect realized Rp 19.25 trillion or 88.79% more than the budget allocation of Rp 21.68 trillion more. While direct expenditure realized for Rp 5.16 trillion or 85.08% more than the budget allocation of Rp 6.06 trillion more.

    Financing of the Regions, which is composed of the Regional Funding Acceptance of Rp 4.55 trillion, more or 100.06% of the budget set at Rp 4.54 trillion more. The Regional Funding Expenditure amounting to Rp 660.00 billion or 100.00% of the budget has been established, while the Net Financing reached Rp 3.89 trillion, more or 100.07% of the budget is set at Rp 3.88 trillion more.

    Of the overall budget and actual budget year 2015 can be seen Aanggaran the remaining budget year or SILPA regard that reached Rp 3.48 trillion more.

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