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    Provincial Government Pushes Formal Education Development in Digital Arts


    BANDUNG-Vice Governor of West Java Deddy Mizwar said West Java Provincial Government encourages the development of formal education in digital arts beside of other art education.

    "The technology is very remarkable to enter all elements in our lives. Digital technology era is no longer future era, but it’s a present era, including of art. That is why the provincial government encourage the development of digital arts formal education in order to become one of the strengths of our creative economy,” said Deddy at a press conference of Bandung International Digital Arts Festival (BIDAF) 2015, at Gedung Sate, on Wednesday (11.04.15).

    This digital age has also touched all of creative economy elements, such as theatre, music, movies, art, and so on. "In business is also promising, for example, in Baros International Animation Festival, there were various countries came here looking for talented children to involved in their major studio animated project," he illustrates.

    Deddy hopes BIDAF can act as a marker to the world that Bandung, West Java is a centre of digital arts development in Asia.

    BIDAF designers Franki Raden describes BIDAF in 2015 will develop a program that includes video art, animation, intermedia performances, digital music, art and interactive robotic installation. "BIDAF aims to encourage the growth of creativity of young people related to art and digital technology. BIDAF also sought to reach larger audiences of all generations. Therefore, the location BIDAF is not in the room such as art exhibitions, but in a building, "he explained.

    Franki explained, BIDAF specifically aims to pay tribute to Harry Roesli, an artist who started performing electronic music and multimedia art in Singapore in the early 1980s. So that BIDAF will shows a showcase of Harry Roesli entitled OFF THE RECORD on Saturday, November 7th 20:00 GMT.

    "In addition, BIDAF will also shows more than 30 digital artists from Indonesia and abroad that will lift the panorama of digital art in Banding. They are Bill Viola (USA), The Void by Tundra (Russia), Arahmaiani (Indonesia), and Eldwin Pradipta (Indonesia) as the main performer in BIDAF,” he explained.


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