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    There is One West Java Company That is Unable to Pay Their Employees Holiday Allowance



    BANDUNG-From more than 3 thousands of companies in West Java, to this date, there is one company that is unable to pay its employees' Holiday Allowance according to the regulation in force.

    According to The Chairman of The Department of Work Forces and Transmigration of West Java, Ferry Sowan, the company in concerned is a glove factory located in Bogor.

    "So far that is the only report we recieved, we acquire the information from the ministry. Infact, the factory is on a verge of bankruptcy," he said.

    According to the information acquired, the company is now negotioating with its employee regarding the payment of their sallary and Holiday Allowance.

    "Well, initially, the company is only able to pay half of its employees' salary and Holiday Allowance, but after a long negotiation, they agree to pay full of their employees' sallary and half of their holiday allowance," said Ferry. (PUN)

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