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    Aher Hope That The Peak Current of Homecoming will be 4 days before Eid



    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java Ahmad Heryawan (Aher) expects that most passengers would be on their homecoming trip four days before Eid, and he is quite sure that it will run smoothly. He said the public can choose the departure time back and forth between these four days.

    "The lag time before the day is quite good and adequate. Hopefully hoped that in H-4, H-5 so the pattern of homecoming. Then H + 3, + 4 H also there was a pause. So actually a pretty good time, so that the distribution of the flow of vehicles and people in the nine-day relative will be uneven, "said Aher, after leading apple degree Ramadniya Forces, on Thursday (30/6), in Bandung Tegallega Field.

    Aher was revealed, with a pretty good time management, he believes current and forth behind the Lebaran this year will go well. In addition, according to the facilities and infrastructures also have increased, especially with the Toll Cipali - the flow of vehicles in the northern coast will be reduced density.

    However, he also asked the public to remain vigilant and cautious as he thinks density will still occur as in the south. In addition, it should also be anticipated surge two-wheelers, due to the two-wheeler riders will still be using the old path.

    "What needs to be anticipated is probably the spike in two-wheeled vehicles. It certainly use the old line. But God willing, our officers of the Police, Army and other stakeholders will be an extra precaution Pantura region that may be passed by two-wheeler riders is greater, "said Aher.

    Meanwhile, when asked about the condition of roads in West Java ahead of Idul Fitri, Aher said road conditions in the area quite well and safe. It continues to spur road construction early because Eid will be shifted forward each year.

    "The faster Hijri Year 11 days of the solar year, so Lebaran increasingly sliding forward. Therefore, the road improvements should continue to be accelerated because of the tight time against January in which the central government set the budget - the state budget and local (APBD). But nevertheless in the ready position; roads in the north are ready, the south is ready, the toll also ready. In good condition our streets, "said Aher.

    This year the number of travelers using public transport is predicted to reach 17.6 million people consisting of passenger road transport, ferry transport, rail, sea and air transport. While 2.4 million people will be using personal vehicles, and 5.6 million people will be using motorcycles.

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