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    Ramadniya Operation Join Forces 2016



    BANDUNG-The Governor of West Java, Ahmad Heryawan, led Ramadniya join forces rally on Tegalega Field at Jl. BKR Bandung on Thursday (30/6). This rally attended by 1.550 personnel of Indonesian army and Police as well as any other concerning institution.

    This year, the Eid security operation named Ramadniya Operation means Clean, Fair, and Perfect. This operation is going to last 16 days starting from June 30 until July 15, 2016.

    In his speech read by The Governor, The Chief of Indonesian Police, Police General Badrodin Haiti, said that this operation is expected to secure this year's Eid.

    "It is expected that this long prepared operation could run well and synergic. All of the stakeholder could involve in maintaining the security so that the the condition would be condusive in order to create a secure, convinient, and orderly Eid implementation," he said.

    Furthermore, he targeted six goals that are expected to be achieved from this operation, namely:

    First, The realisation of safe and comfortable Eid for the people who carry out the activities of the celebration of Idul Fitri 1437 H beridabah either at the time of fasting, Taraweeh Prayers, Eid prayer, traveled as well as a variety of other activities. Second, the establishment of security, safety, order, and the smooth flow of the traveling public using a variety of transport modes. Three, guaranteeing security and distribution of basic commodities and fuel (fuel oil), so as to avoid confusion and public concern over price and availability. Fourth, the establishment of security in the activity of embarkation and disembarkation at ports, terminals land, sea, or air to ensure the safety of passengers and goods during the trip,

    Fifth, the establishment of preparedness and emergency response system through synergistic cross-sectoral coordination and all components of society in dealing with situations that come daruat suddenly such as natural disasters and other forms of other emergencies. Sixth, monitored and terdatanya all events to the right, carefully and accurately, so that it can be used as ingredients in the execution of analysis and evaluation for the improvement and refinement of planning and implementation of a forthcoming operation.

    This humanitarian operation involving 158 402 people across Indonesia, with details of the strength of the Police Headquarters as many as 2,043 people, as many as 89 613 police and related agencies as much as 66 746 people, spread across 3,097 security posts, and 1,112 postal service. They will be in different places of worship of Muslims, the location of Eid prayer, residential communities, track the movement of people and goods, tourist attractions, terminals, railway stations, seaports, airports, economic centers, and financial transactions such as rest areas, gas stations, a division of tithes, and where other community activities.

    Meanwhile, The Ministry of Transportation (MoT) predicts the most passengers in 2016 will occur in H-4 and the peak at H + 3 Idul Fitri 1437 H.

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