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    Ramadan is a Strategic Momentum to Promote SMEs' Products



    BANDUNG-Ramadan month is giving a good impact on the acceleration of the economy.

    Many Bazzaar events being held during Ramadan and this could become a strategic momentum to promote SMEs' products. The matter was expressed by the Vice Governor of West Java, H. Deddy Mizwar in his statement to the journalists, Wednesday afternoon (29/6).

    These bazzaars becoming more potential as the participants of these bazzaars come from various regencies and cities throughout West Java.

    In the future, the Vice Governor hopes that in order to strenghten the role of SME in improving our regional economy, these kinds of promostion should be continuously held as well as training and counseling. All of those steps then followed by a periodical evaluation.

    In West Java, various breakthroughs were made in supports to the development of SMEs. Among the breakthroughs are: E-Commerce and SMEs' shopping centre. As for funding, The Governor grants SMEs' with KCR. (NR)

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